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Businesses generate an ever-increasing business records from every part of the organization. This is true for any organization of any size or industry and the significant challenges posted by the sheer volume of both the active and inactive information require sound and consistent records management solutions.

Regalia provides a full spectrum of outsourced services and solutions that you need throughout the information life-cycle - from document storage and retrieval, to digital conversion and secured destruction. Our solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs with key emphasis on reducing costs and risks while enhancing tracking, access, security and protection of your vital business records.

Regalia is a proven service provider with a strong emphasis on data security with the experience of carrying out digitization projects for government agencies, financial institutions and SMEs.

We provide end to end digitization solutions from collection, indexing, digitization to archiving documents via cloud based or on premises enterprise document management systems.

Using high quality, high speed equipment and the latest software to capture information in a full range of sizes ranging from A5 to A0 and converting them into various digital formats (e.g. TIFF & PDF)


Reduce physical storage space
Ability for multiple people to access information at once and from anywhere at any time
Application of classification and indexing methods consistent for document retrieval, especially for hybrid records
Ability to reuse existing resources limited by its format, such as large maps or materials stored on microfilm or magnetic tape
Integration with the organization's procedures for disaster recovery and backups keeping copies protected and safe

We offer integrated physical management service at document, carton and file level, with customer tailored storage and retrieval options. High value items will be stored in a state-of-the-art, climate controlled and highly secure vault protection.

We provide convenient document retrieval, allowing customers to retrieve documents via our 24/7 secure web-based interface where customers can place orders, track information and generate reports.

Document Storage Service

We offer 3 types of storage options:

  • Tracking per carton (warehouse storage)
  • Tracking by per file in carton (warehouse storage)
  • Tracking by per file (vault storage)

We offer 2 choices of carton sizes to store documents in:

  • A3 size - 16.5' length X 13' width X 11.5 height
  • Plain type - 43' length X 6' width X 6' height
Inventory Listing & Packaging ServicesWe offer inventory listing and packing service on either per day or per labour basis
Retrieval ServiceUrgent retrieval (same day), Next Day Retrieval and Self Retrieval
Pick-up ServicesWe will pick up the carton from customer site and deposit in our Record Centre for storage
Web Accessing24 X 7 consolidated view and access via the Internet
Vault StorageVault environment with thick metal sheet all around the wall ceiling and floor with a single entry point which is protected by a thick safe door

At the end of their life cycle, your critical documents and media must be securely and properly destroyed. You want to be prudent, compliant and confident that your sensitive information isn’t exposed, stolen or abused. Our document-shredding system comes with an enhanced tracking capability throughout the whole process.

Our closed loop system protects your information from the time we obtain it, to the point at which we destroy it, minimizing the risk of a potential data breach. When we’re finished, you receive a Certificate of Destruction for your records.

Our shredding services exceed the certification requirements established by NAID, an international trade association for the information management industry.

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